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    Jul 15, 2008
    PlayStation’s PlayStation Network continues to experience connectivity problems and issues, pushing PlayStation players to take a stand and demand for a #BetterPSN.

    PlayStation users list an unending list of problems with the PlayStation Network, andKotaku reports first hand some of the problems they have been experiencing with their own PlayStation Network. Apart from the unending network connectivity issue, which forced Sony to issue free PlayStation Plus games for July, the gamers were also faced with a terrible PlayStation store. In the end, even though Sony shelled out free PlayStation Plus games, the gamers couldn’t download them since the PlayStation store refused to load.

    Because of the frustration of PlayStation users about the continuing PSN problems, gamers launched a #BetterPSN campaign and a website to congregate their list of demands for a PSN 2.0. The #BetterPSN website is fairly straightforward, with the most wanted improvements at the very top of the home page. The website’s primary demands are as follows.

    “Online/offline (invisibility) status change

    Enhanced user profile page showing favorite games, screenshots/recordings, game wishlist, deeper activity sections (game statistics)

    Continuous trophy syncing

    The ability to delete stuff (old demos, expired betas, crappy games) from the library”

    Apart from these requests, the PlayStation users also posted security improvement demands, 18 PlayStation Store improvements, 13 PlayStation Network improvements, and 19 Account and Profile improvements. As of writing, there are already more than 63,000 votes at the site. With Sony PlayStation the console with the biggest following and sales in the market, it’s only fair for the company to start upping their ante and giving their costumers their money’s worth.

    The #BetterPSN campaign website also writes how every PlayStation gamer can help the cause.

    Post anything on twitter related to this topic with hashtag #BetterPSN and include @yosp, @amboyes and @toshimasa_aoki in it. Post something on twitter using a pre-filled tweet from this page. Just click on the twitter icon, next to the suggestion / improvement to setup a tweet and post it. If you like, follow our twitter account @BetterPSN and share the campaign with the world.”

    It seems the #BetterPSN campaign is working since Sony already broke their silence and talked to GamesBeat regarding the PlayStation Network issue.

    “Feedback from our community is very important to us and helps guide our ongoing commitment toward making PlayStation the best place to play. We encourage users to submit ideas on ways to improve PlayStation products and services here: We appreciate the dialogue we have with our gamers and have built and improved features based directly on their input.”

    Xbox One has consistently delivered, even though it continues to lag behind PlayStation 4 in terms of sales. But it is only high time that the PlayStation Network gets an overhaul for a better PlayStation experience before gamers ultimately turn to Xbox One for better gaming and service.

    The #BetterPSN campaign was started by people at the NeoGAF forums, and the campaign for a better PlayStation Network continues to gain momentum on Twitter and Reddit.


    People are making it out like its the worse thing ever.
    but yes a better PSN world be nice.
    I do like some of the suggestions.
    But some like we should not pay for PSN is just dumb.

    Better Nintendo Online infrastructure anyone? :^)
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    Sep 14, 2010
    Really, the main things I would want is
    A. ability to change username
    B. better games list management. The current list is a fucking mess, there's no way to sort, search or filter it either. Downloading a specific thing is a massive pain, and if you just want to get a list of games you own on the PS3 or Vita to see if there's anything you'd want to download, good luck.
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    Jul 11, 2009
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    I forgot
    Pretty much this, I couldn't give a shit about trophy syncing and whatever other social crap people are crying about, I just want to change my username and sort my games by console on the web store :(

    Also top kek petitions, this will never work.
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  4. Arras

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    Sep 14, 2010
    The best part is how on the Vita games list, it also shows PS3/PS4 games and a bunch of other crap you can't download anyway :(
  5. Nathan Drake

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    Jan 2, 2011
    *scroll scroll* PS3 games, PS3 DLC, PS4 games, a single Vita game, more PS3 DLC, PS4 DLC, a couple more Vita games, etc., etc.

    Seriously, screw the PSN game list lol
  6. Sakitoshi

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    May 8, 2012
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    They are crying about PSN stability too, when I had no problem redeeming my PSPlus games. I have even party chatted between PS4 and Vita frequently without issue.

    a more organized list with search function for purchased items is a must, that is the worst thing that PSN has.
    now if we start to go with more cosmetic stuff the ability to erase trophies will be nice. someone played with my account and I have some dishonorable games in my trophy list.
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