Better stickies and wii homebrew forums

Discussion in 'Site Discussions & Suggestions' started by Nintendo_Chick, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Feb 6, 2009
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    All of the content in the wii homebrew stickies is very thorough, but unorganized. You can't expect new users to read "* * * READ FIRST BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION * * * " "Get Homebrew up and running using the Twilight Hack." "* * * A List of Guides That WILL Help Newbies * * * " and "Wii Loaders Issues and Answers : ." Even if you do expect them to, they won't, and this leads to many questions along the line of "CAN I USE HOMEBREW WITHOUT TWILIGHT PRINCESS?" or "WHAT IS SOFTMII DO I NEED IT?"
    Once you get more than 3 stickies, people don't look at them.

    The Wii Hacking and Wii Homebrew Apps and Games forums are a bit confusing. It's not very clear about what topics go where. They have basically been merged into one large forum full of already asked questions. They need a better description, or to just be merged all together.
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    I've already stated this and the admin are looking into it. There should be more clear definitions of each section soon, just that there is more pressing things to be done.

    As for people not reading, not something that can be helped. Anyone who has been on forums long enough will know this.
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    Pretty much as Hadrian.

    Well, we'll see if we can get things moving as soon as possible, we understand it would make things easier and better for everyone.