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Discussion in 'Android' started by Redbunnymoon, May 13, 2019.

  1. Redbunnymoon

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    Feb 16, 2015
    With Full Games i mean Games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest for Android

    Hello Folks!
    With my Redmi Note 7 i have much more Power to Play Good Games on it.
    But much of the games on Google Play Store a Crap, Shit, Adware infected and more.

    But we have really good games on it like San Andreas, Evoland, Terraria, Minecraft and much more.

    Have you more games like this? Something you can say: "Yes, i´m a gamer... on a Smartphone!11eleven Rolfcopter"
  2. Redbunnymoon

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    Feb 16, 2015
    There a an bunch of Final Fantasy titles for android:

    Final Fantasy 1 - 7, 9 and other weird one like Dimension 2, Tactics WotL, Mobius and Brave Exvius.

    Or Dragon Quest Games like 1 - 6 and 8
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    Dec 26, 2008
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    You have the Kemco games, some people don't like them but they're not that bad. They do have pretty good games like Rusted Emeth, a game obviously inspired by Metal Max.

    There are plenty of others though, when I get home from work I'll edit this post with more info.
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    Feb 16, 2015
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    Welcome to the Xiaomi Side1 [Red Mi Note 7 Global Here ].

    While they might not be the best games around, and they are kinda old, i made a thread LONG TIME AGO, the point of the games was that they must be playable offline, and you can find them here:

    as for the NEW BEST GAMES, you can simply open youtube and write best games 2019, and it will fill you up with the current games around ;)
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    I don't think Chaos Rings is readily available but if you can get your hands on an APK it might be worth it.

    I had a little fun with the Zenonia series.

    OceanHorn, Ittle Dew, Adventures of Mana are all Zelda-likes.

    I was a huge proponent of the OG java version of Puzzle Quest. Puzzle Quest 2 added to much garbage for my liking. However I found that Gems of War is a pretty good stand in. I got a lot of fun out of that one.

    But for most of my gaming needs, I just keep DraStic loaded up with open ended kinda games like Final Fantasy Tactics A2, Infinite Space, Dragon Quest IX, and Pokemon Conquest. But you might try something like Ninja Gaiden DS, The World Ends With You, The DS Zelda's or anything else with heavy touch controls.

    Sadly my phone isnt compatible with Hero's of Might and Magic something or other. I payed for it a long time ago and never got it to work on my older phones.

    And the servers for FFXIV HeavenStrike are down forever so there's another one I never really got to play.

    Anyways sorry I got a little off topic but those are the games that gave me the most enjoyment from the app store.
  6. Taleweaver

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    Dec 23, 2009
    In my yearly list of best games I've played that year, there are quite some Android games (link:

    Then again, I guess you don't count board games as "full", so I'll just list some general games :

    Rayman jungle run & Fiesta run
    Evoland 2
    Leo's fortune
    Oddworld games
    GTA & bully games
    World of goo
    Bridge constructor : portal (yes... This is partially portal)
  7. GoldenBullet

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    Oct 27, 2014
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    The Life is Strange series
    Stardew Valley
    To The Moon
    StarWars The Old Republic
    Black Ops Zombies
    Fortnite (Not on playstore)
    Reign Series
    Bloons Tower Defence
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