best emulators?

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    Feb 5, 2014
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    i tried a snes emulator on my vita tv earlier and couldn't find save states and even tried saving like normal. rebooted emulator and save didnt stick. so whats the best emulators for nes,snes,genesis and gb-gba?
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    I wonder why no one has developed an N64 emulator yet
  3. VitaType

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    Jul 16, 2016
    The bold printed one are the one I recommend:
    There is one special case. mGBA won't will make much progress in the next time, maybe you try using gpsp_libretro.vpk instand.
    The emulators for HENkaku are in general still in a early stage

    People work on it. It's in a very early stage.
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    It's not that simple. The priority is high and mupen64 is actually being worked on by someone. But then again, you have the opportunity to port an n64 emulator too. Why not start by learning a programing language?
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    Genesis plus gx is the only emulator i tried. Plays genesis, Sega master system and Game gear all well. LOOKS AMAZING TOO. Only problem is all games need to be in Zip archive format to load in the emulator for some reason or you can't play it. Also there no 6-button support so no street fighter 2 Streets of rage 3 shortcuts or Beyond oasis shortcuts. Might be minor problem compared to not being lots of games with 6 button support. :P

    Other problem is no save state support. You can create them but loading never seem to work. also the sound. I think all henkaku compatible emulators had sound issues some say but i only tried one emulator and GENESIS PLUS GX Is good. :)

    The Retroarch may be better but you may have to try yourself.