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    Jan 30, 2008
    My OCD self made this thread.

    This concerns Li-ion batteries. I have the following devices that use Li-ion batts:
    • iPhone 4
    • iPod Touch 1G
    • Nintendo DSi
    • Laptop
    Now I got a bunch of questions that I want to be answered to have some peace of mind.

    1. What exactly is "battery conditioning/battery cycling"? I heard this term from an iPhone forum and they said that it should be done initially to get the best out of the iPhone's battery. I remember something like "Fully charge then completely discharge then wait for 5 hours before fully charging it again." A full description of this procedure is much appreciated [​IMG]

    2. I think I didn't properly charge my iPhone 4 the first time (plugged it on my PC, reconnected and disconnected it a few times because of a syncing issue, synced it successfully, fiddled about with the settings whilst charging) and I only charged it for a total of 3 hours I think. Can I still cycle the battery even if it has passed a week since I got it?

    3. Is it safe to assume that the conditioning process applies to all Li-ion batteries?

    4. Recommended intervals (how often should I charge then discharge the battery?)

    Thanks [​IMG]