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    Hi there ... I'm new here so let me start by saying "Hello" I know everyone is already probably tired of hearing BatchDGP problems but I'm hoping someone could help me. I normally don't have issues with converting video's but BatchDGP is kinda tuff to work with.

    I am kinda new with this conversion stuff for my DS because I just got an Itouch card and I would like to get video working on it.

    I downloaded the latest BatchDPG 1.56 & 1.60 and wanted to get past my fear of using it...So i gave it a try. Everything went smooth but I got 2 error messages while my Video was converting.
    I received 2 error messages simply because I had my AVI file go threw 2 passes instead of 1. So I guess I would of still gotten 1 anyway regardless of how many passes.
    After the errors messages it still kept converting and then my DPG file was done. I took it and added it to my Micro SD and then to my DS.
    Moonshell gave me the option to play it but when I did....It gave me a black blank screen and I couldn't hear or see also froze my DS and wouldn't go back to Moonshell?
    Note...I was able to play it in Media Player Classic and the quality was Freakin amazing but it had no volume and it seemed to be going a little to fast.???? I was really surprised to see that quality...But I had no luck on my DS
    I guess I am missing something but I dont know what? Could you please help me out.

    I have ffdshow installed with avisynth... The error message below stopped after I used BatchDPG 1.60 but I still got the same results?? Any tutorials around on how to properly configure FFDshow or AVI synth????

    The error messages said" The instruction at "0x046a1d55" referenced memory at "0x02703ae0" The memory could not be "read" I hope that helps thanks rey
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    You may need to install a codec pack. K-Lite is always the one I use.

    Another option is to use SUPER video converter:

    The site is hideous, but the converter is free and can be used for a lot more than just DS vids. Plus, you wouldn't have to add any codec packs or anything, it's an all-in-one self-contained video converter program.

    Hope that helps you. [​IMG]