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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by jumpman17, May 10, 2009.

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    Alright, I'm back from college now and back on Comcast internet. Last year they implemented a 250 GB monthly cap (I'm assuming this includes both download and upload). Yet they supply no way to track my usage. I mean geez, my college supplied a larger cap and a way to track my usage for less.

    I need some way to monitor the bandwidth usage on 3 computers. Is there anything that will let me monitor my router for total usage or do I need to put some kind of program on all 3 computers and add them up?

    It's Comcraptic!
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    Welcome to the joys of Comcrap. One way you can track your usage is to use your router's internal data stats. It usually includes how much data has been downloaded and uploaded, depending on the brand.
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    Router settings are your best bet.
    Whatever all 3 computers connect through should be able to moniter things like that.
    Try setting up a proxy server on one, and then connecting through it on the others.
    Then download your favourite bandwidth tracker (none of the one's I've tried worked for me) and use it on that one.
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    I have a Lynksys router, model WRT54G. I just accessed the router at and I don't see anything about usage.
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    +1 to the others, you can use the router, a proxy/other machine (some people stick a bunch of network cards in an old junker and use that as a controller/hardware firewall) or something complex involving adding things between machines (and likely anything else: DS, PSP, consoles, phones, laptops of friends.....).

    If you have a nice router like that then if it does not already exist (note most usually go by uptime which for me at least is in the months/until I decide to mess around) can I suggest a custom firmware. There are many including

    open wrt:


    No real suggestions as they all have different features/emphasis of development/usage.
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    I'm with FAST on this one, try a 3rd party firmware on your WRT54G

    Tomato Firmware

    This is the one I personally use and it DOES have a bandwidth log. Here's a link for setting it up to save to a computer on your network (since the router doesn't have much memory). In fact, the default location is RAM... which will flush when you reboot losing all of your stats.
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    Which version of WRT54G do you have? Tomato will only work on v4 or below, but it will be the best firmware for the job. It should say which version it is on the underside of the router on a sticker. Don't just go flashing any firmware you see on your router because that's a sure way of bricking it.