Hacking Baldur's Gate not running


May 17, 2014
United States
I have been researching and I found that I am banned because the error I have is that "This user cannot play..."
The file needs the internet since it won't run in Airplane Mode.

This is the first time I've gotten this error. I propose that I can revert back to exFat since I don't make cheats. This would allow me to keep xci's unsplit.
Then I could try sx installer.

My question is, Is there a difference between the installer tab that lists Baldur's Gate (located in Album button) and SX OS installer that is under the Homebrew tab?
Basically do they install things differently?

I am trying to save time moving about 75 GB of data, formatting, and moving it back.
Thank you all!

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  • The Real Jdbye @ The Real Jdbye:
    and i assume there is a level of verification that is not possible with emulation since you can actually probe the pins to verify that it behaves the exact same as real hardware
  • The Real Jdbye @ The Real Jdbye:
    so it's easier to get it 1:1
  • The Real Jdbye @ The Real Jdbye:
    there aren't even virtual pins with emulation that you could "probe", it doesn't go that deep
  • Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo:
    So fpga PS2 when? Hehehe
  • The Real Jdbye @ The Real Jdbye:
    fpga PS1 isn't even out yet
  • Veho @ Veho:
    Just saw an article about Anbernic rg40xxh as a "cheaper alternative to RG Cube". I love it when they do that.
  • Veho @ Veho:
    "Etch-A-Sketch, cheaper alternative to the iPad"
  • The Real Jdbye @ The Real Jdbye:
    i guess they were thinking in emulation capabilities
  • Veho @ Veho:
    In emulation capabilities one can run Gamecube and the other can barely run n64.
  • Veho @ Veho:
    One is Android 13 and the other is Baked Beans OS 0.6 (I'm not even kidding)
  • Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo:
    PC ftw lol
  • Veho @ Veho:
    May I suggest a pocket calculator as a cheaper alternative?
  • Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo:
    Veho you may be right, all in my PC is probably 1800 dollars and that's using refurbished and mid range parts lol
  • Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo:
    Although some stats are pretty cool 38TBs of storage not counting external drives
  • Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo:
    People ask why so much.... ROM sets for even PS2 just eat up that much
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
    Why so much? Because we have it in our minds we need the latest and greatest when pc performance peaked at a consumer level
    Just finished getting the rest of the emulators on my 3ds. Now I have. gb/gba/sn64/snes/nes
  • SylverReZ @ SylverReZ:
    @HUNTERFOX, Nintendo ninjas are watching GBAtemp. ;)
  • Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo:
    Seems to be my experience as well, works good lol
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
    Did you research it before buying or just think oh it's big like my dick?
    K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2: Did you research it before buying or just think oh it's big like my dick?