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    Jan 29, 2008
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    [​IMG] BAGPlug r3 - 1
    Supercard DSTWO Replacement Menu
    [tn=250][/tn] [tn=250][/tn]​

    BAGplug, the replacement plugin menu made by BassAceGold exclusively for the Supercard DSTwo, has been updated to release 3 - 1. See the extensive change log for what's new in this version. For the download and more information about this Homebrew Bounty entry, join the on-going discussion linked below.

    • fixed freezing in favorites when scrolling
    • fixed audio skipping when entering directories with lots of files
    • fixed memory corruption in DSTwo.nds breaking arg support for .plg files. Should be more robust for various sd cards/formats now
    • improved memory management for icons
    • fixed stylus input in open with menu
    • fixed memory leaks in graphics loading/cloning functions of core library - cleaning up nds icon handling and no file icon corruption
    • fixed icon transparecy support
    • improved open with handling in favorites menu
    • improved performance in favorites menu with game covers
    • improved performance in scrolling nds files in browser
    • covers for non-commercial nds files require the file extension in the cover name. eg: game.nes / game.nes.png
    • improved minimizing from media player to current menu
    • fixed freezing when deleting favorites
    • fixed crashing when entering EOS Settings
    • improved scroll bar handling
    • optimized nds icon loading
    • optimized directory scanning
    • added option to enable nds icon transparency
    • improved handling of text lists (favorites, hidden files / folders)
    • favorites.txt, hiddenfiles.txt, hiddenfolders.txt, and settings.ini now go in /bagui/user files/ folder
    • nzip support added with built in nzip manager for deleting unzipped games
    • nzip cpu speed option added to settings
    • optimized top screen refreshing in main browser
    • misc bug fixes
    • NitroZip tool included
    • added "NZIP" section to readme
    • modified the "Adding new file support" section to include information on file specific arg files in readme
    • updated "Game Covers" section in readme

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