Backup DS Save data with a 3DS (Pokemon Black 2)

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    OK so I have been looking around online for a while now and Have been "TRYING" to figure out how to back up a DS card's Saved data on to my computer. I got the FTP running but I can't get my (3)DS to go past the Connecting for Access Point. I am using a DS2 cart and NDS BACKUP TOOL (Wifi) v0.31f I have been searching for different things but none of them work. I sold my DS and DS Lite back to the store. so I am stuck with a DSi and 3DS. I want to back up my DS saves but most of all my pokemon saves. I know that black 2 and white 2 are new but I really want to back those up. I can get access to a ds lite but not for a few months. Also I know this is CRAZY out of the question but would there be any way to also backup 3DS save game data (other then downloaded onto the 3DS). Thanks for reading and I hope you can help :D
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    I'm guessing this has everything you need if you can get a FTP server running. Your DS wifi settings have to be configured separately on the 3DS. I'm sure as long as you connect to your ip address it should work fine. I don't remember this stuff. Also if you look into those physical save game extractors online you'll find some that are able to but you might need to cut off the stub from the 3DS cartridge.
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    You can't because cart swapping doesn't work on the 3DS (or DSi). You can only back up saves like this from an original model DS, or a DS Lite (as both those models allow cart swapping or slot-2, both of which are not available on the DSi or 3DS).

    That said, flash carts work in DS mode, so they're limited to WEP security. They cannot use WPA or WPA2, so you'll need to change your router's settings to let ROMs and stuff access the 'net (and DS games in general).