Backing up system titles? Moving installed cias to different setup

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    Long story short I have 2 systems, 2ds and N3ds and I have the eshop error 022-2634 error.
    Now for reasons unknown these 2 systems just aren't following the script. I formatted the sysnand and unlinked them and the NNID shows in Emunand, but we still get this error. I have system formatted, tinyformatted, etc several times the Emunand and get different responses. After the format I can log into the NNID and eshop works fine. Once I restore the emunand.bin I get the eshop error again. Ive noticed after the emunand format it will either create another folder in Nintendo 3DS/ for the emunand or it will go and use the sysnand and link them again.
    I even did this on a spare SD card. the new card allows eshop fine. Put the full one in and get the error again.
    To confirm I'm not doing something wrong I took my 2DS and tiny formatted emunand, logged into NNID, confirmed /Nintendo 3DS/ didnt change or link with sysnand. Restored emunand and was fine. First try, less than 10 mins. The other 2 I have over 5 hours in of troubleshooting it.
    So it seems the best bet is to go from this clean working install and rebuild the profile.
    For gamesaves I assume I can just do savedatafiler and dump everything and restore it on the new card/setup. My horror is the cia game installs. This will be over 3-4 hours. I believe the System title information is where this is stored. How can I back that up and import it into the new? I'm guessing just moving/renaming the Nintendo 3DS/emunand folder contents to the new emunand one should save hours, but its the system title i believe that is where the emunand knows what should be present.