AWESOME Piano Arrangement in Progress!!

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    Super Mario Land Remix: Piano Arrangement


    This thread is for anyone who plays piano or keyboard and is interested in playing my latest arrangement of the Super Mario Land theme remix by "Mario Freaks Orchestra". If you don't know about this song, the link to a video of the performance is here:

    The sheet music is in progress, If you want to view it while I am writing the music, click this link:
    You can change the size of the music by changing the value of "scale" at the end of the link. The default is 1.

    I will keep you posted on any changes I make. The sheet music will be free to download when ready.


    *Difficulty level: ★★★☆ (Actually 3 1/2 stars)
    -This is going to be a challenging song. It requires high-intermediate/advanced knowledge and experience in piano. It will require a one handed arpeggio in the right hand while playing notes and chords in the left hand.

    -You need good coordination and a smooth arpeggio in your right hand. You also need to have strength in your forearm to play the right hand, practicing this song a lot will help build up strength.

    Some other cool songs! :

    Lufia 2: Final Battle

    Final Fantasy 5: Clash on the Big Bridge (Battle with Gilgamesh)
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