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    Mar 6, 2008
    I'm pretty far into the game, I love it so far. I've always been good at figuring out Japanese games, so this is the first time I'm really stuck.


    Ok, so I've seen the scene where the evil price stole my book, and the aftermath that ensued. I've gotten out of the forest and gone back though the desert to get my book back.

    So right now I've been though the desert, the wide open plains and the forest. It won't let me back in town, the guards are blocking it. My next attempt is to try to get back into town via the entrance in the plains, through underground and out through the grave yard.

    Anyone get to this part yet? I can help with any part before this, but I doubt I'm the only one playing this game. It really is good.

    So if anyone knows what part I'm talking about, or you need more information, let me know. Any help would be appreciated!