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    Get ready for one of my favorite upcoming DS games, Avalon Code. 2 new videos were released today showing off what makes the game so unique: the Book of Prophesy. This is an interesting tool that you use in the game. By pressing a button, you literally smack objects, people, and other things with the magic book. When you do this, you can edit elemental and other attributes of people and things. You can even add enhancements and elemental properties to weapons! The book itself is your menu and appears constantly in the touch screen. The book parts of the game are handled solely by touch controls. It's very fun however, and in my limited play with the Japanese version, using the book by touching didn't feel forced. [​IMG]

    The first video:

    The second video:

    As you can see, when you hit someone with the Book of Prophesy, you get a small 3x3 grid on the bottom screen. You can rearrange and switch out little tetris-like blocks to change elemental or other attributes of people, monsters, or world items. It's a very interesting and original way to play the game.

    Get ready for this game. It's coming to America March 3. It's already out in Japan.
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    Looks really good, I hope it won't disappoint..

    for some reason, I thought this is a Another Code 2, as I like the first game (it's to short, but really interesting).. [​IMG]
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    I already played the japanese game.
    It's quite interesting but I wasn't coming further cause I can't read!

    I hope the english version will be better.
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    another code 2 is out already in japan, tough as a wii game >_