arm9 kernal access on 10.3?

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  1. seb5049

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    Feb 25, 2015
    So I know we have access to the arm11 kernal on 10.3, which allows us to downgrade and get arm9 access on 9.2, but what about the people who are getting stuck in the Softbrick Loop of Doom and can't downgrade (without formatting 3ds)? Rxtools have said that they don't plan to develop for 10.3, because they assume everybody can downgrade, but there are consoles where it simply doesn't work! Is there anybody who's working on arm9 kernal access for 10.3?
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  2. UraKn0x

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    Mar 20, 2014
    Everyone is waiting for Gateway to release their 10.3 solution, though there's a chance that this will use NTRCardHax which was presented at the 32c3 by Smea, Derrek and Plutoo and that requires some external hardware. In any case there's no publicly known 10.3 ARM9 kernel hack that can be achieved without the need of any external hardware or hardmod.
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    A few people already have it. But they involve a passme or brute forcing console specific keys, or some other private exploit.