apps on my galaxy S3 (rooted) grayed out...

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones and Media Players' started by Metoroid0, May 9, 2015.

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    Nov 2, 2012
    What i did was: i ejected sd from phone, backed it up on pc, formated it on pc with exFAT (i wanted to be able to put files larger than 4gb on sd) than after format i put all files that i previously backed up, i put them back on newly formated exFAT sd and after that the card works fine its just apps that i moved earlier from phone storage to sd do not work, they grayed out :(
    Than i formated card again in phone defailt formatter and transfered backed up sd card content from pc to sd card using usb cable and still gray icons. I restarted phone, unmount-mount but nothing.... This is annoying...
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    May I ask what version of Android you have? IIRC, Google removed the applications' abilities to write to sd card.
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    I have a Samsung tab 4 on 4.4.2 and you can move apps to SD card and back just fine and with your phone it probably will have an older version. Anyway even if you have a version that disables SD cards a root can fix that (AFAIK).

    From a short look around I think clearing the apps cache works (doing it from the apps section of settings)