Any messing programs that support windows live groups?

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    I currently have Windows Live messenger installed on my machine. I make extensive use of it, and all of my contacts are in groups which can all chat at the same time. Not in the sense that I click one and add others to it, but as an always-on window regardless of who's online and people can enter and drop from it as they log on and off of messenger.

    However, windows live also has a "feature" where when the window is in the background, and someone sends a message the window border and taskbar button will start flashing like crazy. It not only distracts me from my work, but the orange quick blinking also makes me feel physically sick. As some of these contacts are others I'm working with, leaving IM is NOT an option. I've tried disabling it through the registry, but it seemingly has no effect.

    So my question is, is there an IM client that not only supports Windows Live, but also supports its groups feature? I havent been able to find any but I would be grateful if one existed. If not, is there some other way to turn off the blinking?
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    Uh, you could try Meebo, (Which is a browser based IM) service written in Java. It does offer groups and multiple instant messaging clients are supported. All you have to do is sign up for a meebo account (which will catalog your various IM Screen-Names).

    This also alleviates the Orange-Flashy Annoying thingy of doom! However, if you're working in a tabbed browser, you will however notice new instant messages tend to hover across the top of the tabs. Then again, they don't flash OJ. So, you have two options then. Dedicate one Window/Browser to Meebo, or make use of the Firefox 4 Beta Alt-Space Tab-Categorization feature.