Any known issues with Pokemon Sun/Mon save backup/rom dumping?

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    Wasn't sure if I should ask this here or on the Games section, figured here since it has more to do with the homebrew tools.

    So, I got Pokemon Sun, and after playing it for a few days to make sure the cart works fine on my hacked N3DS, I decided to backup my save and dump my cart to CIA like I have with all all my other games. I just wanted to know if there were any known issues with dumping or restoring either the rom or saves.

    I use JK's Save Manager to backup and restore my saves (which, IIRC, has not been updated in several months), Decrypt9WIP to dump my carts into CIA (latest version as of this post, 11/13/16), and then SOON! to install the CIA (also hasn't been updated in several months).

    Do all of these, despite some of them not having been updated in a while, work fine with Pokemon Sun?
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    Im not gonna lie, I PM a guy who said he couldn't restore his pokemon moon save, but I can restore my own save just fine with jksm

    What made it even weirder was the fact that I restored his moon save to my pokemon sun just fine. He restored his moon save to pokemon moon and it was detected as corrupted

    So you'll have to just try and see. It worked fine for my sun tho
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    JKSM work great with my Sun cartridge.
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