Any jigsaw puzzles for DS? (lite)

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by Kazekai, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Kazekai

    Kazekai GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 25, 2013
    United States
    Not sure where to ask this but I was just curious.

    Last year, I sold my Kindle Fire to be able to afford other things, but the biggest thing I miss about it was that it had a huge boatload of jigsaw puzzle games that I liked to do while watching TV on the couch. I'm a huge fanatic for jigsaw puzzles and was looking around for ways to play them on handhelds but without success since the closest thing available on the 3DS eShop is tangram games (I already have one, I like tangrams but they're not the same) and since Nintendo systems don't support Flash, I can't go onto the sites I usually go to on my computer.

    So, I'm just wondering if there is any homebrew for the DS that might be of this vein. Or if there's some actual DS game I don't know about. Or if one of those sites people host that is intended to be Nintendo-friendly for webgames might have a section for jigsaw puzzles.

    And before someone replies with "hurr durr go buy one from the toy store":
    A: I have a dog, you can imagine why I prefer digital puzzles
    B: I have poor eyesight, so if one goes missing I'm f**ked.
    C: Puzzle apps cost $0.99 and come with 20-30 puzzles, individual puzzles cost $20 or more.
    D: I live in a tiny apartment where storage space is scarce. (Same reason I don't buy collector's editions too often. Figurines and art books are amazing, but I have nowhere to display them. :( )
    So please don't be a smartass about it. >_>
  2. ShadowNeko003

    ShadowNeko003 ~Nyah~

    Jun 9, 2008
    United States
    I love puzzles too! I wished the DS had a bigger selection.

    The list is not homebrew, but I just through I'd rec some DS games.

    I've played the majority of the Japanese ones in the list and love them. I haven't played the Jigapix ones, but they come up on a google search.

    I would also recommend trying out Picross games, like Picross DS.

    DS Puzzle Series: Vol. 1: JIGSAWPUZZLE (J)
    Jigsaw Puzzle DS: DS de Meguru Sekai Isan no Tabi (j)
    Puzzle Series - Jigsaw Puzzle - Koinu Mekuri Hen (j) - animals
    Yukkuri Tanoshimu Otona no Jigsaw Puzzle DS - Sekai no Meiga 2 (j)
    Yukkuri Tanoshimu Otona no Jigsaw Puzzle DS - Sekai no Meiga (j)
    Yukkuri Tanoshimu - Otona no Jigsaw Puzzle DS - Watase Seizou - Love Umi to Blue (J)

    Jigapix: Wonderful World (e)
    Jigapix Wild World (e)
    Jigapix Pets (e)
    Jigapix: Love is... (e)
  3. syfyTy

    syfyTy PhD in Thaumaturgy

    Apr 11, 2011
    United States
    Tazmily, USA
    I like jigsaw puzzles myself and there were several for the DSlite, dsi
    There was the Jigapix Series,

    Wonderful world. Sightseeing, and pets ALso one called puzzle art which was a newer style of jigsaw puzzle you'd enjoy. Just go to amazon and run jigsaw puzzles DS lite.
    they were made by Tivolta Pub., Zushi Games, I count 5. Search on amazon or your favorite 'other location' for Jigapix, that should yeild you plenty. These are top class progressive and various modes to boot. If you buy the card, you can use your own DSi pics to make many more also.
    Sorry they beat me in writing...

    Edit 2, as they said above but also try 'PicPic' in addition to Picross.
  4. Kazekai

    Kazekai GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 25, 2013
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    I did find the Japanese games but I don't like playing games that aren't in English. How text-heavy are they?

    Glad to know I'm not the only person who really likes this kind of thing.

    I'll look into the Jigapix games.

    Really wish there were a webgame setup for DS though, something that frequently updated like this site.
  5. FAST6191

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Jigsaw World - Daigekitou Jig-Battle Heroes
    Actually one of the earliest entries in the game of the week series

    It is not so much puzzle as action puzzle (you are up against an AI also trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle, you have special moves and everything), it is in Japanese (though there is a simp Chinese translation if you prefer that) but it is really easy to get the hang of.

    I would second a suggestion of picross

    Off the top of my head I am not sure what there is in the way of homebrew unless you want sliding puzzles rather than jigsaws.
  6. ShadowNeko003

    ShadowNeko003 ~Nyah~

    Jun 9, 2008
    United States
    The Japanese ones aren't text heavy at all. You might have to familiarized yourself with the menus, so you don't accidentally erase your saved data or something. It's been a while since I played them, but I'd be happy to you understand the menu (some what, based on my experience) But really, it's just pick a puzzle and solve it. When you solve a puzzle, it'll give you a brief history of the location (I think), but that's it for the text.

    Jigsaw World - Daigekitou Jig-Battle Heroes is pretty fun and straight forward. Although when you get the final boss, you just want to kill it. I lost so many times...XD
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