GBAtemp game of the week- week #5

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    GBAtemp game of the week- week #5 Jigsaw World

    Week #5 of the GBAtemp book game club is upon us. As ever we will try to provide something from the world of releases, homebrew, hacks or something else for the systems we cover and then gather to discuss it. Whatever happens we will always try to make it interesting though.[/p]

    Jigsaw World - Daigekitou Jig-Battle Heroes (Japan)

    First up we have to state this game is in Japanese (although there is a Chinese translation) and we know of no English translation but we hold that should not matter for this.
    The game itself is a kind of multiplayer puzzle where the player races to place the most pieces in a puzzle although the characters who are armed with special moves that can be used to frustrate the opponent or help you. Speaking of multiplayer there is one here too which plays very similarly to bomberman.
    It is by no means a deep game but it is a cart staple among many of those that played it.

    The quick menu translation of the four main options
    1. Campaign/story mode (a lose story to string a few puzzles together)
    2. Standalone puzzle (setup options afterwards are fairly obvious- mode select, characters, difficulty and puzzle you want).
    3. Wireless with another cart owner
    4. A download play option

    GBAtemp release thread
    Gameplay demo​


    [​IMG] Discuss should get you other links in this series
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    jigsaw game can never be boring. this i completely missed due to its language but may just get it if i remember at the right time
    isnt there a youtube video cuz temp videos are quite large to view

    edit: just saw it as flv but its not loading for me. click play and black out though i can download with idm.
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    xD I mentioned this in the overlooked game thread a long time ago. Extremely addictive and virtually no language barrier, save the menus and the story. I liked the aspect of stealing pieces from enemies and using the special powers, but after a while it felt cheap beating up the cpu that way. And it's failed to mentioned that this is from nippon ichi, so it is a pretty wacky game.

    I don't know if anybody else played this, but it seems that the characters are from several different manga/anime/games
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    Oh, made by Nippon Ichi, no wonder I saw Disgaea characters.
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    I don't think I would play this. (though I would play Itadaki street Ds)... hmmm....
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    I hope player 2 in that video is a bot, there's no excuse for a human to suck so bad. I've never even heard of the game, but in that small bit of footage I feel anybody could have a good enough grasp to do better than that.
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    It's not a human player, first option in a main menu is never a mutliplayer option in a DS game. Having said that, it looks fun but not something I'd play.
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    I love this game! And yes, the language barrier is very easy to overcome as the gameplay is very simple. You just up the pieces with "A" and run to the right spot to place the piece down. Other buttons are Y, X, B and they are the special attacks, which varied between character.

    I found this game very addicting, although I do admit that the one of reason I tired it out was cause of the Disgaea characters. And of course, I love jigsaw puzzle games. In fact, I believe I still have this on my cart. So if you want a jigsaw puzzle game that isn't just find the pieces and place them, this is the game. I wished they made a second game
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    I see Etna and Prinnies. This pleases me.
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    So close and yet so far away.
    This club idea is an excellent thing, I'm glad I get to know about great games I may have missed.

    Who's the "main" character with the green glass viewer on his head? He looks similar to Django from Boktai somehow.
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    Why does the main character look exactly like The Unlosing Ranger from ZHP?
    But I'm pretty sure this was made before ZHP.

    EDIT: Even the random goons look like their from ZHP