any games that let you

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    are there any good games that let you choice what class you are ( class i mean magic user, sword user etc ) i really want to play some games like that . it has to have a good story plot ( optional ) more stuuf to do after you beat the game? could any one reccommend games like that
  2. WatchGintama

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    Dragon Quest IX fits your requirements
  3. DrOctapu

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    Powder's a great roguelike with a class system in place. You can do various stuff based on the class you pick and you can anger some gods by not abiding to their rules. It's homebrew, but it's great. There's not much to do after the game, but it's different every time you play so it's got a lot of replayability to it.
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    Try the Etrian Odyssey series, they're dungeon crawlers thought but fun nonetheless.
    You make your characters and you tell them what job they are while uncovering maps and going deeper and deeper into dungeons.
    The story really wasn't that great for me since it's a dungeon crawler but if you like turn-based RPGs you should check the series.
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    Nanashi no... Wait, that's not an RPG.

    Ummm... I'll have to go with Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts, if I'm remembering correctly.
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    I've never played any of the Final Fantasy series games, but you could give them a shot. Not sure if it's the right genre you're aiming for.
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    ^To elaborate on that, final fantasy III and final fantasy tactics A2 both have the job system, in which you can change the class your character and your party members. FFIII is a standard RPG, while FFTA2 is a tactical rpg a la disgaea.
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  8. yuka001

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    Nov 22, 2007
    DQ VI, although you'll unlock the place to change classes after about 10 hours. But it's great!
  9. Terenigma

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    Nov 10, 2008
    Final fantasy 3 is the best for what you want.

    Dragon quest is better for story but even with the the options with classes they arnt that much diffrent overall. In final fantasy 3 you can really feel the change when you go from a white mage to a black mage to a swordsman and the best thing is you can change classes at pretty much anytime you want.
  10. bahamut920

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    Depending on how you define "choose your class", Golden Sun: Dark Dawn qualifies. Your characters' classes (and thus, their stats and Psyenergy/spells) are dependent upon how many of each of the elemental Djinn the character has equipped.

    Disgaea doesn't let you choose a class for the main characters, but you aren't ever forced to use them, and for any of the generic units you create, you get to choose a class, which you can also change later (although if you do, you start at level 1 - albeit with boosted stats). As for your second requirement, there is at least as much post-game stuff to do as there is main plot, several of which will get you special endings, and the game has a New Game + feature.

    Soma Bringer allows you to choose a class at the beginning of the game, which determines what weapons you can equip (and thus what skills/spells you can get) and your character's stat growths. I'm not sure if you get to change later, though, or how much post-game content there is.

    Phantasy Star Zero also allows you to choose from one of three races (Human; Newman, an elf-like genetically enhanced clone race; or CAST, an android) and three classes (Hunter = melee, Ranger = guns, & Force = mage) at the start of the game; however, once you pick your race & class, it's set in stone. There is plenty of post-game content, however, including the ability to re-play story missions at a higher difficulty, and you can transfer items to a new character if you decide you don't like the one you're playing.
  11. Ravte

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    Jan 8, 2011
    I second this.

    Soma bringer is like a DS copy of Diablo, you collect weapons/armors (stats are randomly generated), with luck you might find ultra rare items/weapons etc etc.
    I've played the game through over 6 times, the game really has replay value since every time you beat the game the difficulty gets higher and higher (I think 4 times is the max) and each time the items/weapons get better and better.
    Some might find it booring since no extra story is being unlocked each time you beat the game to raise the difficulty. (except extra dungeons which you get after beating the game for the first time)
    But If you're into Diablo styled collection RPG's it's not bad. I played the game for more than 60h and still would if I just had my save. (eventho I already had almost the best gear possible, I was driven to play some more and hunt for even better items.)

    PS. It has a CO-OP mode, where you can play the story mode.....if you've got a friend, take a chance and try it out. Note that it's rare for a DS game tp have Co-op for the story mode. :D One of the most fond memory of playing my NDS is when me and my friend tried to take down the first epic sideboss in this game, as a sorcerres and a battler. =)
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    Actually, no, Soma Bringer is more like a DS game with Diablo-type gameplay. If you want a Diablo clone, go for Dungeon Explorer: Warrior of Ancient Arts. That game even has the graphical style to go with it.
  13. kevan

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    Dec 4, 2009
    Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon