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    (This is another poem I had written a while back. To be honest, I don't usually do ABAB rhyming poems. This is more indicative of my usual style, but the ABAB rhyming format has grown on me lately. Here it is.)

    Like the spritz of river's mist, sending chills down my spine amidst the summer's sun, fading from afternoon to evening, the glorious colors fill me with glee and anticipation, though I know not whether it is a full moon or a starless sky.

    The world revolves regardless.

    Whether my sight is far or near, the beauty of reality inspires me. The phenomenon of continuity continually causes me joy.

    My steps by the hour, my breath by the minute, my thoughts by the second; existence is sweet nectar, this world my flower.

    And you; you are my love. Not my one and only, for promises of exclusivity are but shallow lies; I cannot disgrace you or reality with that which is less than truth.

    Do I dare shun my eyes from all but one color? Doth I sing in but one pitch? Shall I use but one word alone...or together, must I craft a symphony of life and lore?

    So does the moon have many phases, shifting slightly every night, as do I shift from one greatness to the next.

    The wind is my herald, my proclaimer. In it's breathless, toneless embrace, you shall find harmony. As it rushes through all that you are, so too are you caught in my embrace. But the wind does not embrace you alone, and in that there is unity.

    Does the moon light the grass alone? Does it not also shine on the ripples of the ocean, illuminating every chaotic movement, every brush back and forth for all eternity?

    I am the moon; the universe the sun. It's light is my light, and it's death is my undoing. But forever shall I revolve around the earth, the guiding light of the void.

    But lo; when I have faded from view, so too does the universe shine once more, filling all with warmth and anticipation.

    (The End)
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