Hacking Another 6.2.0-12E update issue with R4i RTS


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Aug 28, 2013
Hi friends,

I updated my 3DS Xl without thinking, then went to update and patch my R4. I downloaded the new firmware and patches and unzipped them onto the SD card, popped the card in a DS lite and ran the patch. After getting the "upgrading succeds" message I put the card in my 3DS.

It turned on, but I got nothing but a black screen. I took the card out, turned it on again and it worked fine, but froze when I put the card back in. Works fine with legit 3DS games.

I put it back in the DS Lite and got the "There is no DS cart inserted" message, so I formatted the SD card, redownloaded and unzipped everything onto the card. Put it back in the DS Lite to patch, still getting a "no cart inserted" message, and still getting the freeze issue on my 3DS. I've tried doing this a few times, with a few different SD cards, to no avail.

How likely is it that my card is totally broken? It's a rev C which looks like http://i.imgur.com/vfaIU2a.jpg on the outside and http://i.imgur.com/lMLTd4V.jpg on the inside. I cut the wire to update for 6.1 and it worked fine.

As an aside, if it is borked, where is best to buy cards from the UK?

Thanks in advance guys!

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