Annoyed by Ys I & II

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    I like Ys I & II. I played the TurboGrafx-CD version long ago and even have an ISO burned to CD. I have the fan translated PC version, Ys I & II Complete which really does a lot to enhance the game.

    The DS version is a stripped down version of Complete. Nightwolve, the fan translator-turned-psychopath is probably mad they didn't license out his translation, but god damn the people behind this just used whatever version of a name they wanted. Forget that stupid "R and L are the same in Japanese" bullshit here and keep SOME continuity with other US-released versions. Konami released Ys VI here and I swear Atlus was using alternate names on purpose... at least they kept Dogi(who was named Colin in the TGCD port).

    They added 1 new dungeon in Ys I, which is nice, I suppose. They tossed out "classic" play in favor of adding in an attack button. I didn't bother to even try stylus control since I hated it in Phantom Hourglass.

    The build seems loosely based on Ys Complete, using much of the same graphics but it looks like the actual land maps were built from scratch for the DS. The cutscenes are all the same. Though while they added 1 new dungeon, they also removed a few sidequests and such.

    One thing that annoys me... in the TGCD port, it was treated as 1 game. Beat Ys I and when you started Ys II, you kept your level. All other versions, Complete, DS, they don't do this, so you start Ys II back at level 1.

    But my annoyance came about after beating Ys I and starting Ys II. They reversed the buttons. Ys I used B to run, A to attack. Ys II used Y to attack, B to run. This was pointlessly dumb, changing the buttons in the middle of the adventure.

    For a series with little US exposure and a company with a suppsoedly good rep, the effort seems mediocre. Not exactly the first time an RPG company with a big rep released what amounted to a cheap, half-assed title for the DS, though...
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    Uhh I had the TG16 cd and have it on the VC, that game was never treated as one other than both being on the same disc and if you did finish one it moved to the next. It NEVER saved the level you were on. When you got dropped into the new land on game #2, you were level 1 all over again.
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    I agree on the button part, what were they thinking?

    I don't think the games should be treated as one, but atleast fix the button layout to avoid confusion.

    On another note, i really wish nightwolve hadn't gone psycho.. I was so looking forward to playing other great falcom titles (especially the Ys ones)..