Announcing NDS homebrew: Donkey Kong Jr

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    Jul 7, 2017
    The Netherlands
    I created an NDS Homebrew game Donkey kong Jr.

    It is a clone of the Nintendo handheld game and Watch Donkey Kong Jr.

    To give an impression of the game watch this YouTube video:

    I've put the devkitpro sources on Github: Donkey Kong Jr Sources.

    The game .nds file can be directly downloaded from Github: Donkey Kong Jr nds-file download.

    Some information:
    • Gameplay identical to the Game & Watch Donkey Kong Jr.
    • Each level becomes gradually more difficult: more birds and crocs are added.
    • Background graphic 'borrowed' from 'Game and Watch Gallery 3'.
    • All other graphics created from a picture taken from my G&W Donkey Kong Jr.
    • All sounds recorded from a playing session with my G&W Donkey Kong Jr.
    [ Yes, my G&W Donkey Kong Jr handheld is still working !]

    Have fun with it!

    Please let me know your high scores. Mine so far is 305!