Alternate Gamecube loading

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    Feb 8, 2014
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    I'm currently using Devolution in USB Loader GX to play my backed up Gamecube games from a hard drive. As we know, Devolution has Anti-Piracy so I can't play games I can't physically touch at least once. From what I've read, the only other options for GC games is waiting for Nintendont, or using Dios Mios (Lite). I'm a little iffy on using DM, I think I read that if I install it I will always need to use it to run games, even ones actually in the disc drive, and it'll always need a usb drive attached. This isn't ideal for me, I still like having some semblance of a nonmodded Wii.

    So, is it worth it for me to try DM for a handful like Sonic Heroes and Windwaker, or should I just stick with Devo until Nintendont is out of beta for a while?