All You Need To Know About Rooting

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    All You Need To Know About Rooting
    • The Basics
      • Android - The OS Google developed for use with mobile devices such as phones and tablets.
      • Rooting - The process of getting administrative access on your Android device. ROOTING VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY SO UNLESS YOU'RE REALLY SURE OF WHAT YOU'RE DOING, DON'T ROOT YOUR DEVICE.
      • Flashing - The process of installing a ROM, Custom ROM, bootloader or other system files to Android.
    • Why Root?
      • Rooting allows you to do things you're normally not supposed to do such as recording your screen, flashing custom ROMs and other cool stuff.
    • How do I root my device?
      • That depends on your device. Some devices have dedicated developers that make programs that run on your PC that allows you to root your device in a few clicks, while some require you to manually flash an open bootloader and then flash a custome recovery such as CWM and TWRP and then flash a ZIP file using that custom recovery that was just flashed. For more info on your device, A simple Google Search should do such as:
        You can also check out the XDA-Developers Forum however, not all devices have their own separate subforum so you may want to check out this subforum if you can't find yours or if your device is old try looking at the Legacy Devices Subforum.
    • What to do after you're done rooting
      • After you've finished rooting your devices, you can install Custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android or AOKP. Hop on to XDA-Developers to find out more.
      • You can also install apps that require root access.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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