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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by Another World, Oct 6, 2008.

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    there has been alot of discussion on how the 3-in-1 actually works with AKAIO. i have spoken to normmatt to try and get some answers but he has never owned a 3-in-1. i'm posting this thread in the hopes that people who know the answers actually post back so we can get it all cleared up.

    start > more > 3-in-1

    rumble level on/off - well that one is easy enough

    nor mode - auto/always
    i'm assuming that setting it to auto lets the code chose if the rom should goto psram or nor, if its too large it will goto nor. while the second option always writes to nor.

    Y sRAM - click on this says "processing GBA save..." but then nothing. i'm not sure what i'm missing out on here.
    X RAM - i'm assuming this boots the ram for ram expansion, yet AKAIO auto patches the nds browser on the fly so this isn't needed. unless i'm getting this option wrong.
    A OK - confirms everything is a'ok.
    B CANCEL - cancels out without saving option settings.

    OK so there are some holes into my understanding on what those options do and more info is needed. moving on -- i have questions about booting into psram or nor. i there a way to choose which you boot into or does the code only allow you to do 1 game at a time and then if you boot the slot2, it boots the nor? rudolph's tools let you chose which mode to boot into. however if i remember correctly psram is not saved at all on a power down? so anything written into the psram is gone when you boot back up?
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    Look at the root of your SD card, you must (at least, I had) have save file like 6-Octob-9.30.sav.
    It's a copy of the save that was in Sram (and I think, the X button does the same thing but with Nor Memory)
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    some homebrew apps use additional ram also.
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    Thanks for the help.
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    So there's no way to save a file from the 3in1 to the correct filename without loading another game?
    or the save file from the NOR?

    I'm probably gonna stick with YSMenu to playing GBA if not.
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    when "Backup save at startup" option turned on, all gba saves backup at startup.
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    yeah that menu is commented out in akaio... i guess it'll be reenabled