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Mar 16, 2010

Akaio 1.6 by Lune at 12:20 AM (899 Views / 0 Likes) 2 replies

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    Not sure if this is similar for anyone else but meh here is my story...

    Before....when I first got my Acekard, I had read something about the Acekard 2i about a feature called DMA mode...Not sure what it really was but i knew
    that it was "activated" when the "loading" text changes from blue to green or blue to red. But then i heard or read from somewhere that it was under suspicion that DMA mode shortens battery life....so hence every time i started a game i held down the "A" button to make sure it doesn't activate or whatever..

    Now as i got Akaio 1.6...whenever i activate DMA mode to certain games...after the loading screen i get two white screens...but then this was no problem as then i now continue to play with DMA mode on as i play Heart gold, YGO WC2010 and Pokemon Rangers shadow of almunia namely. But funny thing is that when i do not activate DMA mode for YGO WC2010....it still would run normally but then anytime it attempts to save i get two black screens and then must reset My DS.

    This also occurs for Mario kart Ds. This isn't really a major problem but maybe this information may help AKAIO team or whoever in some kinda way as i haven't seen any post about this [​IMG] ....if it can be fixed of course please reply [​IMG] i still suspect that it does use more battery (probably it obviously would as it is an added feature)
  2. Jemlee

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    Nov 22, 2009
    Well... hmmm [​IMG]

    I'll test what you just said gimme a sec. If it works on mine I'LL give some feed back [​IMG]
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