AGS-101 screen help

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    Jun 22, 2014
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    Hi there, I hope someone can help! I recently bought a refurbished 101 with a new case. On booting it up the logo screen looks very "off white". It's an almost blue/yellow hue to it instead. I bought a graphite grey original US 101 from another seller and compared them. That's also a little further off white again. They both look different side by side in the whites. On opening them up the back of the screens are the same with a serial numbers and a couple of stickers under a black square. I'm worried that the screens are third party and faulty. Can anyone tell me their colour experiences with 101 screens and whether this is normal? And whether the internal back of the screen I described is as you would expect? Thanks!

    I also have a feeling the first one, the refurb, might be on a 001 board. Is there any way to tell if it is and whether it's fake? Is the Nintendo stamp on the board a good sign that it's legit?
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    Nov 12, 2008
    The only way is to open the SP up and find a small rectangular PCB on the motherbord. If it's there, you've been sold a refurbished AGS-001 with an aftermarket backlit screen and shell. That's the only thing they sell you "as new" on eBay these days and it comes from the same factory in China.