After updateing my 3DS !

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    Why can't I go on Wi-Fi with my Pok'emon black 2 rom two ? After I updated from my internet it says to me this davice is not supported on my davice odd ? , I know even Nintendo thinks thats odd . I don't say fake not the real game but dang it stops me for downloading the new pokemon soon to come.

    I am using Comcast gateway "wap2"

    It's funny my 3DS games pick up the Wi-Fi but my roms does not now what should I do !

    PM: Me A answer Thank you

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  2. BenRK

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    I'm not sure any flashcard can use the DSi mode's internet connection settings. Try setting your router to WEP security if you don't mind leaving your internet connection open to hacking and stuff.
  3. Arras

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    DS games do not support WPA2 routers. The only solution is to somehow set your router to use WEP (which is very insecure and not recommended). However, Black and White 2 are DSi-enhanced games, so there is one other solution: buy the game.
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  4. Thorhian

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    No matter what people tell you, DO NOT SWITCH YOUR NETWORK ENCRYPTION FROM WPA(2) TO WEP! Its a piece of crap, a guy with an iphone can crack it in a decent amount of time... Anyways, youll need to buy the game for DSi exclusive features (or have a cyclo ds and an old 3DS firmware version), which includes WPA compatibility. Just buy the darn game.... Or use your physical copy if you have one.
  5. RodrigoDavy

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    The CycloDS iEvo never supported WPA because of lack of libs for this in case of homebrew and the fact that DSi-enhanced game ROMs aren't properly dumped so they will not work in true DSi mode no matter what.
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    Can't you just enable a MAC address specific access filter?
  7. Janthran

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    I had this problem before, but just to test, make sure it's for EVERY DS game, not just B/W2.
    If it is, you need to format your system.

    EDIT: Oh wait, are you trying to use a flashcart with something besides WEP? That just plain won't work.
  8. Rydian

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    MAC address filtering doesn't stop anybody that could crack WEP, since there's plenty of tools out there to sniff MAC addresses (which are in frame headers) and then spoof them.

    if somebody really wants their DS online, getting one of those DS-specific wifi dongles seems like the best bet, though they're hit-or-miss.
  9. Gabelvampir

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    Or he could turn on WEP everytime he wants to play online (maybe with a MAC filter for a bit extra protection that can be circumvented just as easily as the WEP) and turn it off when he's finished.
  10. Thorhian

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    OH thanks for that clarification,wow, I would have never bought that card XD

    Funny thing is, a few years ago (6 years), a very good friend of mine told me a joke about WEP and MAC addressing filters. It takes about 30 minutes to break a WEP based network, and 35 minutes to break a WEP + MAC filter combination. MAC filtering is practically useless, get a dongle (unless your doing NDS ripping, which you should make an isolated network to a PC to rip over wifi :P). WEP was pitiful, and people today still dont realize it. That joke was from 6 years ago, I wonder if those times are even smaller. Can't remember how exactly the vulnerability was exploited....
  11. FearItSelf23

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    Or just set up a virtual wireless network just for the NDS and disable it when not in use. Never requires messing with your actual network and on top of that you can hide the SSID making it pretty unlikely anyone is going to even see it. It's pretty unlikely anyone is going to try and crack your network anyway and if they do they probably aren't going to be looking for hidden networks they'll just jump on an easier target who likely doesn't have any wireless security.