Advice on Buying a Record Player

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    Hey. Right, recently I've really been getting into listening to vinyls and stuff like that, and so I've been thinking about buying a record player or turntable for myself. Unfortunately, my self proclaimed title of 'music lover' really doesn't reflect my knowledge on record players, and so, I really have very little of it. I've looked around at buying guides on other forums but people usually delve into other aspects of the listening experience and use words and cite products which I'm completely alien to. But what I have comprehended is that there are quite a lot of hidden costs and complementary goods that you need to get, such as amps and a 'hi fi system' to get the most out of the audible experience. I have a budget of around £80, maybe a little more (not sure if that's reasonable). So, if anyone can give me any suggestions or share their knowledge with me, I'd be really grateful. Keep in mind that I'll mainly be using this for domestic purposes, so the DJing aspects aren't that important. I'm open to any lectures and you can be as patronising as you wish to be. Thanks
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    I got a Denon for Christmas, it has USB recording capabilities via either direct to a flash memory stick or you can use software and connect it to your computer to make digital copies of your record collection. Bear in mind that deep scratches will impact the play back of digital audio, something I have experienced before. The model I have is the DP-200USB, though it only outputs via two component cables (red and white, so you need to have something to connect your stereo system to it, unless your computer speakers happen to have Line In connectors like the Corsair SP2500 speakers do. The problem is getting needles for a lot of players, even new ones because the manufacturers don't sell them individually, I bought a few extras for mine from a website based out of Quebec through eBay, set me back about 30 bucks for 3 extra needles. The player is about 250 bucks depending on when you buy it. If you go for a new player, get a Denon that's on sale (they frequently have sales it seems), certain holiday sales I have seen mine going for 180 CAD.

    My only complaint is the Denon DP-200USB feels a bit cheaply built, but it's actually sturdy enough.