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  1. doubles92

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    Sep 27, 2008
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    Hey everyone. Im just posting today to share my youtube channel with you all. I usually upload gameplay videos of Mario and Pokemon and Unboxings so if that peaks your interest I would appreciate it if you checked it out. I would like to also do giveaways as well so the more subscribers, views, and likes i get the more giveaways i would do. As you can see on my channel, I tried one before but it was an epic fail, but i probably set the bar too high. So for the next giveaway im aiming for, all i need is atleast 1000 subcribers. I do understand i need to upload more frequently but honestly its pretty tough when you got a full time job and your own family. But of course i need more fans to motivate me and potentially make youtubing my full time job. I know thats pretty "Farfetch'd" but i do hope to make it a reality. If you got any info or advice you want to give feel free to do so. But one way you can help out right away is to share my channel around and tell all your friends :D Thanks for reading this and feel free to check out my channel at anytime, my most recent video has my twitter and such in its description. I do apologize if i posted this in the wrong place or if i wasted you time.

    Here is my Channel: