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  1. Dh4rry

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    Dec 1, 2018
    I found a way to add my/your favorite song to Let's Sing 2019.

    You just need to replace the (correct encoded) video file, autio file (in ogg format), cover image (png), a metadata file (in xml) and a vxla File (containing text and notes with timing) via LayeredFS. I replaced the Song "Nothing Compares 2 U" from DLC Content "90s Song pack" for "Let's Sing 2019 mit deutschen Hits" (title id 0100f5c009f83006) successful.

    The resulting file structure looks like this:
    The hard part ist to create the vxla file with all the notes and timings. For that I've scripted a small converter. This script takes a text song file (containing notes, text and timings) from ultrastar (ultrastar is a open source let's sing / sing star clone with tons of songs in the internet) and convert it to the vxla file, needed for let's sing.

    You can find the script in my github repo (user dh4rry, repo ultrastar2singIt-Converter). (I can't post hyperlinks)

    Optional this script also takes a youtube url as an argument (-yt) and generates the needed media files (audio, video and cover).

    • test/support for Windows (actual quick-n-dirty '/' as filesystem seperator)
    • generation of metadata file *_meta.xml
    • find a way to add songs instead of replacing
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    May 2, 2018
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    Going to give this a test and see if it works properly.
  3. Dh4rry

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    Dec 1, 2018
    feedback welcome.

    I've added a generation of the Metadata File *_meta.xml. You just need to adjust <Uid>-tag with the Uid from your replaced song. And it seems that there is also something other wrong with this metadata file (maybe the encoding/codepage). So you still need to change a metafile from the game.
    Update: Problem was encoding and linefeed and is now fixed. You can use the generated metafile.

    In "Let's Sing 2019 mit deutschen Hits" (title id 0100f5c009f83006) there are following songs/song-keys:
    • FridayImInLove (Uid 162)
    • BarbieGirl (Uid 164)
    • Ironic (Uid 166)
    • NothingCompares2U (Uid 161)
    • NeverEver (Uid 160)
    Let me know if you used the script with other packs or the base game and which ids/uids for songs are in there.
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  4. shabbypenguin

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    Thank you for your work, here is the link to your repo -

    Let's Sing 2019 (UK) - 0100953009DF8000 - DLC song list

    144 AllNightLong
    116 AThousandMiles
    96 BadRomance
    111 BlueMonday
    113 BoysDontCry
    142 ComeOnEileen
    136 CrazyLittleThingCalledLove
    133 EverybodyWantsToRuleTheWorld
    131 FallingInLoveWithYou
    109 HeartOfGlass
    115 IWillSurvive
    108 MadWorld
    145 NoMoney
    132 OurHouse
    146 PerfectStrangers
    143 Reality
    135 Sacrifice
    141 SweetLovin
    138 TaintedLove
    80 TakeOnMe
    140 Tears
    114 TheFear
    139 UpsideDown
    95 WeWillRockYou
    137 Zombie

    your file dir tree got messed up by forum's text formatting so i did a quick one based on the base games file locations as an image so it should show. the file setup is different on the DLC's which was the only place I was able to swap out a song previously as well. I hope with some more work and exposure we can get songs added and really enjoy customs.

    here is the DLC folder structure. if you wanted to replace wake me up before you go girl in 0100953009df9007 (80's hits pack 2) you would need to alter all these files.

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  5. Dh4rry

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    Dec 1, 2018
    In the main game is a file called resource.assets. This is a unity asset file containing diffrent assets. These files are editable with AssetBundleExtractor (from github)
    This file also contains some databases contianing lists of songs (GameSongDatabase) and also dlc packs (DLCPackDatabase). Till now i don't know how the file structure is or if this is a way to add songs instead of replaceing songs