1. Raymanrulz

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    Apr 2, 2011
    based on the ACCF wars found on youtube, I've set up my town for a ACWW war!
    To participate all I need is your FC and team. teams are red and blue.
    general FAQ(should answer any questions):
    equipments and items:
    gold axe/net(see bellow)
    pink knit hat
    3-ball shirt
    pitfalls seeds
    grass pattern (for camouflague)
    red base floor

    equipments and items:
    Gold axe/net(see bellow)
    blue knit hat
    2-ball shirt
    pitfall seeds
    grass pattern(for camouflague)
    blue base floor

    Q: what do we do in this game?
    A: you are in a team that plans to take down your foe (the other team)

    Q: How do we do that?
    A: by destroying their flowers, cutting down their trees and spying on them

    Q:Are we allowed to take our knit hat and ball shirt off?
    A:No unless you steal a pair of your enemy's cloths and go under cover

    Q: cant we just go in and take anything we want from the enemy while spying?
    A: no if you get spotted you must run away and if they hit you with their axes/nets you must return to your team base to recover.

    Q: What is this?
    A: ACWW war is based on the very 1st ACCF war... It generally has the same things to it.

    Q: What have you added?
    A: I have added a new prison cage in which when you are imprisoned, have to stay in... these cages are actually the neighbour houses in each of your bases... If your partner is imprisoned, you have the choice of rescuing he/she by touching them... Afterward, you get a free walk back to your base.

    NOTE: while in the enemy's base, if you get hit by the opponent's axe/net 5 times you become a prisoner, the only way to get free is by your partner tagging you
    Q: Whats the "net" above?
    A: hidden around the bases is fruit, fruit can be swapped for gold nets, which give you a better chance of hitting the other team, extra fruit can be kept in your.
    EXTRA: post anything you want on the bulletin board, I don't care.
    your team items are in your storage, a space surrounded by rock in you half
    other items are next to the path to the sea
    only 3 people can enter at a time

    If the FAQ does not answer your question feel free to PM me!
  2. zuron7

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    Apr 6, 2009
    People actually still play this game.
  3. Sausage Head

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    Oct 28, 2010
    Sounds retarded to me.
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