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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by rpgpromaster, Feb 23, 2011.

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    hi, im not sure where i should post this but im posting here so put up with it or move it lol

    anyway, ive been a long time gbatemp member but not a very good poster [​IMG] see 18 posts :/ anyway...

    a few years ago i bought a action reply and then... lost it [​IMG] im always loosing things lol
    now to the question, i have a acekard 2i and a dsi and a few comercial ds game cartridges (5 to be exact [​IMG]). my question is:

    is it possible to get a action replay on a acekard so i can use it with my other ds games?
    im not on about using a action reply on the roms i have on the acekard, i mean running the action replay rom like the actual action replay cartridges and then removing the cartridges and putting in a comercial cartridges...

    is that possible?

    anyhelp will be very much welcome [​IMG]
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    I believe the homebrew, NitroHax, should help. Look it up on FileTrip. From memory, I believe the v0.9x files didn't work on the Acekard and we were all stuck with 0.8x which is still hosted on FileTrip.

    The way it works is that you will load up NitroHax, choose a cheat DB (XML) and then eject your Acekard to input the commercial cart. However the cheat DB (XML) can only be 2MB big at max for the DS's RAM is only so big. Edit GBATemp's Cheat DB with R4CCE with only the games you need and save it as an XML. Place the XML anywhere on your system.
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    I assume you don't want to get AR working on your commercial roms since you have some progress on them you don't want to lose. You're better off using the cheat database on the Acekard2i and getting a dump of your game. You can then pull the save games off your commercial carts and load them onto your Acekard2i. That's probably the better way to go to be honest.