acekard 2i on 3ds (update)

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    So I emailed the acekard team,heres a copy of the email. Nothing special.
    : Start reading from bottom up sry just how I copied the email.

    There has no 3DS roms yet so far.It can be eitther a new card or an update for 2i for 3DS roms.It's noncommittal now.

    2011/5/23 ---------------

    But are you going to support 3ds roms on 2i?

    On May 22, 2011, at 5:24 AM, AceKard wrote:

    > Cracking 3DS is the hardest part. Since it's just come out and Nintendo had enforced their protections. I do not know how long will it take but we are working on it.
    > Thank you for your attention.
    > 2011/5/22 ---------
    > When 3ds roms start to surface will you guys update the acekard 2i to play them or will I have to buy the new acekard 3?I'd love to keep my 2i .
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    Everybody knows the answer is "we don't know".

    My vote is on "no".
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    Nothing new here. Btw, flashcart can also be used by homebrewer so waiting for roms is not a necessity for flashcart maker.