Acekard 2i: not writing to microsd

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by pienjo, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Jan 8, 2011

    I have a strange problem with an Acekard I recently bought for my wife. I've had an Acekard 2i myself for a few months, and after the wife got a new DSI XL to replace her aging (and failing) DS-lite I got her an Acekard 2i, since mine has been working flawlessly so far.

    However, the new one has problems - It doesn't appear to be able to write to the MicroSD:
    • Games don't save. Some crash while trying to save (Giana Sisters, GTA Chinatown), others claim data has been successfully saved but revert to the previous save state on reset
    • In the loader, I can't delete files or make backups of savefiles.
    • In the loader, settings that don't require a restart (like changing list type) work, but don't get saved.
    • In the loader, I can't change settings that require a restart (like changing the theme)
    If I insert my MicroSD card in my older Acekard 2i, things work OK. I've tried different MicroSD cards, with different firmwares (old official firmware, akaio 1.8.2, an older akaio (1.7.1?) I happened to have laying around, but to no avail. I reflashed the the Acekard's firmware, but no change. I've used different DS'es (a DS Phat, a DS Lite and two DSi XL's - same result)

    Both acekards look exactly the same. Black silkscreen. Both cartridges have the same hardware ID: HW ID 81, SVN 994.

    Any suggestions? I should probably return it to the shop, but this is the *second* card they've sent me. The first one turned out to be an even worse dud - it never got beyond the blue 'loading' screen, so I'm starting to develop a bad feeling about all this.
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    Well if one Acekard works with a MicroSD and the exact same MicroSD doesn't work with another Acekard then you can rule out the fault of the MicroSD and conclude that the fault is indeed the AK2i. By you description, it sounds like you know how to debug and you've covered all the bases. Perhaps this time buy from a different shop? 0shippingzone or gamekool have nice reviews.