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    Mar 13, 2018
    Hi, can someone help me on this.

    I accidentally use the tiny format app and it formatted my 3ds and it has unlink the emunand and nand from the 3ds.
    The problem now is that i did not backup my nand from the 3ds previously to restore it.
    The luma 9 still works on boot by pressing select but missing the patch arm9 access and godmode by pressing start on boot.
    Managed to start the FBI through injecting the safety and health to FBI through godmode but it will not install any CIA file.
    I'm on version 11.6 btw.
    So my question is that do i need to reinstall the CFW again inorder to have access the CIA file or is there a way to restore the CFW. Thanks
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    I gues on earth.
    1. If you are on A9LH, follow this. If on B9S, follow this.
    2. In both cases follow this.
    After that, you should have everything you need.
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    Since your NANDs were linked before you can still recover your games and saves by reinstalling their tickets on the non-formatted NAND (or clone the NAND again then do it), if the games were installed from FreeShop or CIAngel that's easily doable with tikShop but if the games were installed from .cia files found online then you need to somehow extract the ticket from the .cia as installing the .cia again will cause your save to be wiped.
    If you don't have any saves you care about then this doesn't really matter.

    Also, it would be a good idea to go B9S and ditch emuNAND completely, unless you're a GW user.
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    Mar 13, 2018
    Ok i'm on b9s btw and will use this once i'm back from work. Thanks.

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    I paid someone to mod my old 3ds as i was not able to activate the mod using the magnet trick.
    So i went on the freeshop to download miitopia but was not able to due to missing header or something like that. The FBI that was install does not have the install option for the CIA file which is weird as my other 3ds i moded does have this install cia option.
    Upon inspection, the luma 9 when loaded does not have the option "patch arm9 access". So does this affect the fbi not able to install game cia? It does able to install the luma.cia fbi.cia etc thou just not retail game cia.