Accessing a game cart(Chrono Trigger)?

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    Hey everyone

    I've recently purchased a bootlegged copy of Chrono Trigger unknowingly, and it seems like the game may be just a piece of junk now since the game isn't a post-patched version. I don't want to give up hope yet however!

    I was wondering if there was a way to access the game cart files through the Nintendo DS from my PC and patch the files myself? I know there was a patch created, so that's not the issue. My only issue would be figuring out the best way to access the game cart itself. I would appreciate the suggestions, or if it's even really worth my time to fix it! Thanks again!
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    I doubt the bootleggers used a piece of NAND flash for this* and at best used a EPROM (note the one E) which are not always the easiest to erase and reprogram (going rate on Amazon is about $120 and I doubt you get much lower with a kit/by assembling parts) and more likely went with PROM/OTP which is write once.

    *not that it would be all that easy to sort though a XD programmer or indeed many of the arduino/teensy type things can be punched into being able to program a piece of NAND flash.

    We can help you dump the contents of the ROM but if it is a stock game that is pretty pointless (we occasionally see hacks, translations and those 30 in 1 things you get in some tourist traps) and we can help you dump the save but if it does not work in the first place that is also pretty pointless.

    Many bootleggers fake or sand the chips but if you wanted to bust the case off and make a scan of it someone might be able to confirm one way or another.
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    Some time ago I bought Pokemon Black in ebay , this was a bootleg, I opened the cartridge, and this has a SD card into, so you can change the rom, if this you need