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    Apr 22, 2010
    Sorry, I've tried used the search function, no one seems to have the same problem as me. So this is how it goes:

    My Wii is softmodded, updated to 4.2, running games through usb cfg loader, installed ios 222-mload, 223-mload with 38 merged 37. Been able to load and play monster hunter tri normally. Able to go online, play with friends, HOWEVER, the max number of players I can have in a quest is 3 players. Whenever I join/host a 4 player quest, my screen would get stuck at the map loading screen with it hanged. I troubleshooted with different stuff i.e.
    1) I/other players hosting the city
    2) I/other players hosting the quest, played solo, 2, 3 , 4 players (only 4 seems to hang)
    3) Put Wii IP into DMZ region
    4) Forwarded every port Nintendo said to forward
    5) Changed router channel to 11
    6) Played around with usb cfg options to see if it affects, no results.
    7) Played around with router options i.e SPI, QOS, TCP, UDP, Enable WAN ping, etc.

    It seems it's a disconnection rather than failure to load the game proper.
    If there are other methods I could try, can someone enlighten me. Sorry if there were ever such a problem being raised and I failed to find it, because I searched high and low and and yielded nothing.
    Thanks for viewing and helping out.
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    have you tried getting another rip of the ISO from a different source?