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    Nov 19, 2008
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    My 8GB memory card just suddenly decided to reformat itself into something neither my laptop nor my Evo can understand, just because I tried to put an MP3 onto it. End result? I had to format the card, thus losing all of my save data, games, emulators, music, etc, and a rather extensive collection of photos which I'm not so damn sure ever made it to any of my backup disks. And the worst part? I have to spend two straight days going to Wales on a coach this weekend, meaning instead of relaxing I now have little choice but to spend the whole of today reacquiring every single file that was on that card. Thankfully, my emergency backup 2GB card was unaffected, so I can restore some of the basic program files like Moonshell from there to save time, but it doesn't change the fact that I now have to fill up an 8GB card and restart every single game from the very start. I do have some of my games stored on the 2GB card too, so worst case scenario I still have some of my smaller files like Worms, Bomberman, etc. But this is just intolerable.

    Made even worse when you know that I was just about to fight the final bosses in FF3, 4, Revenant Wings and Suikoden Tierkries. DAMN IT. Technology is supposed to make life easier. Why does it keep screwing up at every opportunity?

    Anyway, aside from the blatantly obvious of backing up my files better, is there anything I can do to avoid any further issues such as this, as if this were to ever happen again I get the feeling I may well lose my tempter and kill some innocent bystander or something.

    Yeah, just basically needed to vent, and to ask for some advice. So, any suggestions how this problem may be evaded?
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    Backup, Backup, Backup

    I do a full back up of the card for the setup
    then do a search for the save files and back them as a compressed rar file to do a save the changes for the games progress.

    I don't trust the micro sd cards have seen to many lose there data for no reason, like yours