A sound data question.

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    Hello fine folks. I happen to have a few little projects going on and one of them happens to be music extraction from NDS games. I hope to be able to supply people with rips of them if possible, but first I need a little help. What I need is a program that can convert the .sseq files within .sdat files to MP3 for use by novice computer users. I've discovered programs to convert them to MIDI, but MIDI are in my opinion of horrible quality and are useless to those who want the actual game music. The MIDI conversion tends to mess up instruments and destroy the original music with all sorts of hoots and howls. So I ask of you fine folks with the brains and knowledge of things like this, how can I get some MP3s from this through the efforts of a program? Converting them to wav files would also be acceptable since I have a program to convert wav to mp3.