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    Basically, like a lot of other people, some localized japanese games feature cringeworthy english dubbing. I have played a couple of undubs like with Persona 3 FES, Dissidia and Duodecim. I've also played the Catherine undub on PS3 which was almost entirely complete.

    But right now, Zone of the Enders HD collection is out. And since its a game inspired by mech anime, I thought about playing it with original japanese subs. But Konami have a good record with dubbing as shown in the MGS series. But after listening to the voice acting in a ZOE cutscene, I found it terrible.

    Now, forgive my ignorance if I make a mistake here, but undubbing a game is pretty much just replacing audio files from jap region of the game with the US/PAL version of the game. I presume it's not a smooth process and sometimes code or something needs to be rewritten.

    Either way, it doesn't appear any advanced modder is interested in undubbing ZOE HD collection so I thought I might have a go myself even though it'll most likely be imperfect or fail completely.

    So, I ask the experience peeps here at GBATemp. What programs do you need? I assume the audio files are compressed in that PSARC file, right? Is undubbing a PS3 game simply a matter of extracting the PSARC, replace, put the PSARC all together? Or is there something more that can be done by a newb like myself? Thanks in advance.
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    There is an undubbing forum at Undubbing.com, so you might want to start a discussion there.
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    Undubbing isn't as easy as to simply replace the audio files. You also need to adjust audio timing.

    Like Knocks said, go to that forum and ask for help.