A question about the Ace Attorney Games

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    So i have played through Ace Attorney 1-6 and i am currently playing through the First of the two Miles Edgeworth games and i have a simple question regarding the series as a whole.

    So as those of you who have played the first game will now, you can control Miles in both Miles Edgeworth games which was something new to the AA series.

    Now my question is this: Why wasn't this feature of controlling your MC ever carried over into the Main series of AA games? (was a reason ever given?)

    I now that the Miles Edgeworth games were both releases AFTER AA:Aj but why diddnt we see this feature in the 5th or 6th AA game? (did the fanbase not like it ?)
    I mean i dont think allowing us to control Phoenix Wright in future entries would have made the game bad in any way.

    What do you all think about this?

    EDIT: Any news on Miles Edgeworth 3?
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