A problem with WADs

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by AetherMaster, Nov 21, 2008.

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    Well, I decided to try editing a WAD. I'm trying to change the music on the Backup Launcher Channel. I followed every step in the banner editing tutorial, but something seems to be wrong. When I install the WAD, using the WAD manager, the channel doesn't appear in the Wii Menu. It only appears as a question mark in the delete channel screen. My steps were:

    Unpack the WAD.

    Use Audacity to cut a 10 second clip and save it as a WAV file.

    Change the WAV file to sound.bin (yes, I changed the extension)

    Use md5sig.exe on this sound.bin file.

    In u8pack.exe, open 00000000.app and click on the old sound.bin

    Click add file and choose my new sound.bin

    Select "archivo U8 firmado con MD5" at the bottom.

    Save the new 00000000.app

    Repack the WAD.

    Does anyone see anything wrong with that, or is it just my luck? Thanks for any help
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    Make sure that the WAV is the same size as the old one. That could be the problem.
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    Wrong. WAV files can be as big as you want them to be. (No more than 10 seconds is preferred.)

    Look at my GoldenEye title theme wad / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme

    Just follow those directions precisely.

    I didnt use the audio program that came with the pack.

    I used Windows Sound Recorder as it naturally records sound in .WAV format.

    Its also how I rip audio from flash videos.

    It works.


    The question mark = You didnt name the channel. You have to name the channel so that it will appear in the menu when you go to select it. Its when you pack the 000.app wad is where you name it.
  4. WiiBlaster

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    When your saving the Sound.bin file you need to have Archivo U8 firmado con MD5 selected and when you save the 00000000.app file you need to Archivo U8 con Banner info con MD5 selcted. Hope this helps