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Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by drobb, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. drobb

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    So im looking to get a new pc possibly this friday and im trying to consider price vs power etc and within my budget ive found that i can get one of two systems. Which is the better choice?

    I-5 6400 with 8GB, 2133MHz, DDR4, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with 8GB GDDR5 and a 1TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive


    i-7 6700 with 16GB, 2133MHz, DDR4, a AMD Radeon RX 480 with 8GB GDDR5 and a 2TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive

    it will be for gaming, but i dont know that i really care to have all the knobs cranked to max. it will most likely get the most use as a general use machine to replace my aging one but i would still like to be able to play at least some of the new games, again maybe they wont be at 4k or whatnot but thats ok for me.

    (Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 @ 2.33GHz, a 1024MB ATI Radeon HD 4600 with 6.00GB DDR2 @ 399MHz for those that may be curious)

    Thanks for any help and comments
  2. Catastrophic

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    Apr 28, 2012
    What's the price difference? The former seems more solid for gaming. Would recommend getting an SSD for the OS as well.
  3. slaphappygamer

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    I've never had an ssd before. I got in recently for my Inspiron r15 and it rocks. The thing boots on in 10 seconds. I'll always have an ssd now for my os drive.
    Anyhow, I'd get the first one. Especially if you aren't going to run intense games that you'd even need to max your pc out.
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    Sep 19, 2013
    first one,
    i7 doesn't really benefit gaming, it is a better processor, has a better gpu (which you will not going to use anyway)
    but for gaming i5 is preeferable, it's a good balance between price and performance..
    is that i5 the unlocked model?
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