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    Hey everyone,

    My name is Jon, from the Detroit Michigan area. I've been a GBAtemp member since 2008, but mostly just a lurker. I've decided to start posting a bit more now.

    I co-own a web development company with my fiancee. I will link to some of our sites in my sig form time to time.

    I'm on a mission to own every US retail dreamcast game, I've made some good progress so far.

    I'm an ex indy pro-wrestler.... long story.

    I can't sleep.
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    Welcome BACK to the Forums, 'no_chocobo'! Be sure to read the rules. :D
    I am LegendaryTemper as you can see, so I'll give in some tips and threads before you ask a question. But first thing is that "PLEASE READ THE STICKIES!"

    What flashcard should I get?
    If you need advice from us asking what flashcard should you buy, first click the link above to give you your answer.
    TIP: DON'T ASK FOR ROMS, OR ASK 'HOW CAN I PLAY 3DS GAMES?'. Asking for roms is totally illegal, and you'll find out in the rules. 3DS has not been hacked or emulated yet, btw.

    Found something on the internet that shows the 3DS being emulated/or hacked?
    It's fake. Don't believe it. Reasons are in this thread.

    I'm pretty sure I'm missing a lot, but you're smart enough to check stickies in boards, and also to check boards, for any thread that has information, too.

    What is the proper board for me to go to?

    News that you find on the home page of GBAtemp comes from here (has sub-forums)

    Reviews that you find on the home page come from here (has sub-forums)

    Reviewers/Moderators/etcetcetc post videos to show us things like trailers for an upcoming game or something

    If a member finds news on a website and they'd like to share it, it may appear on the home page, or just click here to see news posted by members (I highly recommend you find newsTHAT IS RELATED TO TECHNOLOGY AND/OR GAMING and share it with us too)

    New to the Forums, introduce yourself. Which you already did, lol.

    Have any questions regarding the forum? E.g - Where are the rules of the forums? You would ask it here. Any other websites that is GBAtemp licensed comes here

    If you have +100 posts, you can go to the GBAtemp Trading Forum. The board where you can trade, buy, sell things from another member. Obviously by real life mail :)

    For your Nintendo DS/DSL/DSI, if you have a question about the console, or its games, the proper place to post it would be here

    Have a flashcart? Seeking problems with it? Is it Bricked? Does it support your Nintendo DS's firmware? The proper place to post it would be here

    You want to share us a Nintendo DS rom hack of a game, or a translated Japanese or other region's game? The proper place to post it would be here. BE SURE TO NOT TO POST THE ROM! THE SMARTER IDEA WOULD BE TO POST A PATCH, OR ON YOUR WEBSITE, OR ON A YOUTUBE VIDEO.

    Seeking friend codes? Seeking problems with your Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for your DS system? Asking it, has a proper place. Which is here.

    Want to show off your NDS homebrew? Want to ask a question about your Nintendo DS emulator? Or want to ask a question that is related to the NDS Emulation Homebrew? Askhere.

    Want to post a tutorial something related to the NDS? Looking for a guide that is there? Look here.

    For the Nintendo 3DS/XL, if you have a question about its content or its gaming, look here.

    Have a question about the console? It's accessories, or it's hardware? Look here.

    Want to see if there are any updates for the hacking of the 3DS? Look here.

    Want to share your friend code? Have a question about the 3DS's Wifi System? Look here.

    Want to post a tutorial something related to the 3DS? Looking for a guide that is there?

    Now you get the whole system now, so glad you'll understand.
    The rest are boards which have titles which you shall understand. So i'm done.

    Hope to see you around?
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    not sure
    or instead of boring every to death you can use this "[​IMG]"
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    That post needs to go at the end of every user-registration!
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