A few in depth questions requiring pro to answer

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by player0, Feb 26, 2009.

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    Sorry I lost track of the hacking scene for a while (my system has been working good, so a bit lazy on reading news), time to catch-up now.

    If anyone is kind enough, please share your thoughts or at least point me into the right direction, thank you.

    1. Is 002 error in fact a failed anti-backup checking by Nintendo?

    2. Has the checking of 002 routine existed for long or just inside new IOSs used by the system through recent system updates?

    3. What caused the 002 error? What had the backup launcher with 002 fix done to avoid 002 for good?

    4. What stops 003 error from happening in the future?

    5. Can I assume that hardmod is way better than softmod because it is theoretically undetectable (except the 001 error which has been fixed)? Unlike softmod, a simply checking for any non authenticated cIOS exist in the system will be busted.

    6. Some ISOs can play after patching to use IOS249, why does it help?

    7. Homebrew/backup for 3.4 is realized by installing IOS16. If a future update includes a signing bug fixed IOS16 and a 3.4 system without HBC/cIOSs installed has applied that update, is it true that no current method can help that system to run homebrew/backup?
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    Wow! You have all my questions answered, nice!
    Although your answers inspired me to come up with more questions, but I think I am satisfied for now
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    lol you did ask for a pro in the question! XD

    n the 003 error cant be fixed until/ if it appears...
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    Jan 9, 2009
    very interessant answers!
    some people shoul write a book on wii hacking!
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    The 002 error is only little backup protection, it seems it only checks if the game is started by the disc channel. People with cioscorp(that's just all IOS replaced by backup cIOS, handy for people without modchip) don't get the 002 error in the disc channel ==> it doesn't check in any way what IOS or firmware is installed.

    The 002 error can be fooled by loading the games from the disc channel, or if you use a loader, by patching the main.dol with a little pattern. ==> If nintendo releases a 003 error which is similar to 002, you need to find the new pattern for the loaders, and the disc channel loading may not be changed.
  7. player0

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    Sep 2, 2006
    Yes, I have the same thoughts as you (or because thats the fact?). 002 error is more like an anti-softmod thingy.
    In fact I never had 002 error by launching my games from the disc channel (the system is chiped).

    Humm, so the 002 fix is just an on the fly patching of main...I dont feel positive that this can solve the problem for good.