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  1. how_do_i_do_that

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    This should be made to seperate the DS questions from the DSi questions.

    For new people (noobs) it will hopefully give them a clear indication that these are 2 distinctly different handhelds. With that in mind that would hopefully reduce the growing questions like "Does the DSi play/emulate gba games" or "Will there be a CycloDSi or X9i or whatever".

    With the "what the best crap cart for me" question, at least if it is in the DSi section someone answering can give DSi compatible carts when person asking is ubber vauge in asking.

    As for the camera, it can be joined with the WIFI or a seperate subsection if and when there is code to access these functions.

    There are already DSi enhanced games showing up. With the rate at which DSi mode is being accessed, a real DSi flashcart would only be a few months behind and we will probably need to have DSi mode games seperate unless it being run in DS mode or something.

    If you think about it, it is like asking gamecube questions in the Wii section. Doesn't make sense to seperate the two.
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    i agree
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    Smooth move.

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